Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 10!

Its the first clear night since we arrived at the Blunk Residency - excited to see the stars! The nights and days are so deafeningly quiet the ringing in our ears keeps us awake. Slowly we are getting used to the idea that we finally have time and space to explore - to push out beyond the perimeter that defined our creative commitments for the past several years and see what can be (re)discovered here on the "Island". J.B. Blunk and G.O. Ford are urging us on towards a "growth of consciousness, beyond the confining shell of self-awareness"(Gordon Onslow Ford).

First session of chiseling - Jenna tries her hand at stone carving using Ned Kahn's carbide-tipped tools (thanks Ned!).

Getting more serious in session two...

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