Friday, October 30, 2009

thoughts on the residency

I thought I would be alone here. But I am never alone. There is so much life everywhere. Birds and bees ravaging the garden, the animals who leave their story's behind in the compost pile (which acts more like the community soup kitchen than a compost pile.) My buddy the bat who sometimes takes over the studio, the multiplicity if hummingbirds who sound like cats purring when they wizz past me (that sound which might be the kindest sound I ever heard.) The giant wood rat nests piled carefully in the forest near the trails. The mice I am compelled to slaughter one by one by nine, despite the fact that I find them adorable. The lizard who lives in the step that goes down to the storage side of the studio. Everyday he freezes when I come near and every day I tell him not to have a freaking heart attack I'm not going to kill him, but please could he not stop directly in the center of the step so I can get past.

It is nice to have this quiet around me to have the chance to hear the madness inside, both the wonderful madness and the strait up crazy. This sort of space is so rare sometimes. This chance to listen.

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  1. I speak for the lizard. Happy I am to share this space with you. I wish you could stay forever.