Monday, November 7, 2011

Living over at JB's

I am just loving the residency here at JB's house and studio. Everyday is different and exciting. Last Saturday my family came up from Berkeley to visit me for the day. We went out for a hike and some lunch before we came back here to watch it rain. Here are some photos that my husband David Harris took that day. There is my favorite shower in the whole world! Out door showering at it's best! Above that photo is one of my son Otto and I looking around the back deck. The views are amazing. The one "art" photo is one that I took the week before, of a painting I was working on. It was early in the morning and I brought it into the house because it was so cold in the studio. I wanted to see what the cat would look like with a bunch of spider balls all around and above it. So, I borrowed a few bowls from the kitchen and pushed them around the composition. I took photos of many options so I could "see" it better. The last photo is of the beautiful old kiln that is slowly making it's way back into the earth. Maybe it will come back to life someday? But, for now... it is like an art piece all by itself.

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