Friday, October 21, 2011

Artist in residence Tara Tucker/ Winter

Hi, it's my first week here at the J.B. Blunk Residency and I've spent the last several days getting to know this amazing and wonderful home and studio. I'm from Berkeley, CA. so I know the area a little bit, but not too much. The people are nice in Inverness and Pt. Reyes Station. I draw a lot of animals and the locals pointed me in the direction of the main Ranger Station. A volunteer there told me all of the local wildlife gossip! People here are serious about their wildlife and land.

Today, I drove out to the furthest most area that I could and hiked a beautiful ocean cliff trail for a few miles. The Tule Elk were out in force and I got so close I could see the tick bumps on their hides! On the hike back, I thought and thought about the ravens and the other animals that I was noticing all around me. I also thought about the sculptures that Blunk made out of stone and wood. He left parts of the materials raw and in a natural state or recognizable. Other areas he honed to a shine or silky smooth surface. His work is abstracted further because of this push and pull with the materials. One of my favorite Artists: Leonard Baskin did a similar thing with his sculpture and drawings/ paintings. It made me think and wonder if that could be something to try? Something to experiment with? This last year I fell in love with raw linen and simply painting on it with fluid acrylic paint. I always finish them off just like my drawings... I think I might just try something new. Slightly more abstract.

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