Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg (week 8)

Well, it's my last night here at the residncy...I finished my last painting just before the sun went down (see below), went through the art library one last time, scrubbed the floor, and finished packing up. The sun is out and glorious again! Bird calls fill the air and ipod/itunes remains in hibernation.

The lizards have started coming out, as well as some butterflys, and delicate mini blue flowers all over the property...I think if it was this nice out the whole time I was here I wouldn't have gotten much art "done." No matter how many ladybugs I free from the house and studio it always seems like there are more when I come back in...

I've enjoyed the you can tell, the animal spirits have kept me company (and internet spirits also). Well, I leave you with some of images from the last series I did. The full set is on my personal blog, and if you feel like checking in on what I'm up to in the future feel free to visit me here:

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

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  1. These are really beautiful Oliver.