Friday, September 3, 2010

Anonymous Lecture Series

Jenna and Oliver hosted an Anonymous Lecture Series. The event followed the open studio and included dinner and ten PowerPoint presentations.

here is Oliver's invitation..

it's a pot luck, so everyone please bring a favorite dish
it's a lecture series, so everyone will present a lecture

but that would not be exciting would it? so the anonymous part works like this:

to rsvp to the party you must submit a slide show, up to 12 images, meant to form a 5 minute slide show. The images can be anything, your doctoral dissertation on spear fishing technologies of prehistory, or your photo essay on clouds. Be aware, you are not presenting your slide show at the party. Also when you RSVP give us a sense of what dish you would bring to a potluck party of 12 people.

When you are selected to attend the event you will be presenting someone else's slide show at random. You will have about five days to come up with a narrative of your own. The slide show might have titles on the slides, or perhaps the titles of the images will say what they are intended to be. You can however create whatever meaning you want for these words and simply think of it as an invitation to explore your own interest in the content for the enjoyment of the group.

This new format for sharing ideas is in direct response to the standard mundane ubiquity of the power point presentation that we are all called upon now and then to assemble and present. We would like to experiment with you to see if, like good art, a good presentation is open to interpretation.

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