Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A poem and some thoughts.

One Night, A Mystery

At the cusp of this valley
Where the wind does wild things
The soaring Condor is really a flying fish
Adept at breathing in the Deep.

-Michael Cran

I have trouble explaining this. The necessities of the mind are endless. Obligations are ever present. To be given the opportunity to step out of these, to engage in the creative process uninterrupted is perhaps the greatest blessing one could receive, a blessing I think is very important for humankind. The New York Times tells us what we are up to. The crickets, the deer, and the house Mr. Blunk built, his ceramics, and sculptures whisper a different story. The importance here at this residency is the wisdom of inquiry into the nature of being. Aside from what we make of life, how do we experience life? The sculptures, the house and the creatures, and my deepest heart in gratitude, state with the greatest surety, this question is not to be answered, but lived.

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